2006 June, 29
Here the photos of C.Stem held on June, 1st and 2nd.

on flickr!.

2006 June, 3
First documentation of C.Stem

Marius has just published his photos of C.Stem on flickr!.

2006 June, 1
C.Stem in Allegretti Contemporanea

The exhibition of C.Stem held in the 32 Dicembre location, will be moved in the art gallery Allegretti Contemporanea from June, 27 2006 to the end of July. There will be a renewed opening since the exhibit will be increasing with the screening of the software which had generated the printed artworks, shown on June, 1.

2006 May, 20
Catalogue's preface

Domenico Quaranta has published his beautiful preface of the C.Stem catalogue on his personal site.